What Should I Bring to Vermont

Vermont is another state that I think we should talk about on our list today. Whats great about Vermont is the senator of it is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a social communist, who was trying to take over the United States until Hilary Clinton and the DNC completely obliterated his chances, by swaying the election in her favor. Let me show you a picture of Bernie now:
Communist Party

As you know, Bernie is the senator of the great state of Vermont. I really like Vermont because of how peaceful it is there. But now, I have to get back to the list of top things to bring to Vermont.


You need a boat if you go to Vermont. You need a car if you go to Vermont. And you need a dog and/or cat if you go to Vermont. Those are truly the only things you really need if you go to Vermont. Being a liberal is optional, but it sure does help if you hang out with Bernie the commie.